Benefits of a Pilates-based workout

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A lot of times, pain and injuries in the body are caused by an imbalance of some sort. If we are not aligned properly, or have a weakness in one part of the body, another part will overcompensate for it in order to perform a desired movement. It is, therefore, important to correct alignment issues and to reeducate the body to perform correctly. For example, someone sitting at a desk all day will tend to have tight pectoral muscles and weak upper back muscles, creating poor posture and possibly back and neck pain. By stretching the pecs and strengthening the upper back, the forward slumping will correct and the pain should desist.

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Pilates is the best core workout you can do. The core is more than just the abdominals, and you’ll learn to activate the deeper muscles that help keep your trunk and pelvis stable.

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Pilates-based workouts focus on stabilizing, strengthening, and stretching the back. A strong back and core help alleviate and prevent back pain.

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This method helps tone muscles in a non bulky way. Because of the stretching aspect of Pilates, along with working smaller muscle groups, Pilates builds long and lean muscles.

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The Reformer helps safely control stretches while working with resistance. You learn to stay engaged while stretching, leading to greater flexibility over time. Many Pilates moves support the gentle release of muscle and joint tension.

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Weight bearing and resistance exercises help build bone mass, which is especially important for women. Bones are constantly remodeling; over time bones lose mineral and get less dense, so it’s important to keep them strong!

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Pilates helps you engage the right muscles for every move, which leads to better body control. It teaches you proper body alignment and corrects asymmetries, helping to prevent pain and injuries.

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Pilates-based exercises is a means for the body to release tension. It helps the mind to focus on the present. Breathing properly while exercising triggers the brain to calm down.

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This method improves balance and coordination, concentration and memory of movements.