I am a big fan of low-impact workouts that leave you feeling strong and rejuvenated!


My training method uses Pilates exercises to focus on precise and controlled movements with special attention to alignment. We work on both mobility and stability. This technique is not only proven to help sculpt strong, lean bodies, it helps correct muscular imbalances, improves posture and balance, increases flexibility, and releases tensions, all of which combined help your body work at its most efficient level. I use low-impact techniques to let you focus on correct muscle engagement. Some sessions may also include plyometric exercise preps, focusing on balance. In my studio, clients work on the Reformer, to get maximum results.

If there’s one thing to take away from my training method, it’s the importance of a mind-body connection. I work out to feel good and to be able to move the way I want – now, and well into the future. It’s important to intelligently challenge the body in a way that is beneficial to its function, all the while releasing built up tensions.

I wasn’t always a Pilates instructor, and it’s taken me years to learn (and accept) how essential it is to take care of myself in a mindful way. It changed my self-image, my relations with others, and has given me the confidence needed for a happy life. 

Exercise smartly, and your body - and mind - will thank you for it. Let’s train well and live well, together!

Gabrielle Saran