Saran Pilates has been body changing and it’s the first workout I can do with my shoulder injuries. You will stretch, tone, build and sweat to your heart’s content!
— Monica

Going to Gabrielle’s studio is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was a little reticent to go at first, not knowing exactly what to expect. I am so glad that I did. Never has something that is so good for me been as fun and rewarding. Don’t worry about your level of expertise...mine was zero when I started! You will be so amazed at how fast your core strength will improve, and that spills over into other areas like increased flexibility and strength. Gabrielle is an amazing teacher who loves what she does.
— Kathy

I’ve never been that great at sticking with a workout routine until I found Saran Pilates. Not only does the workout make me feel so much stronger, but Gabrielle helps me stay motivated and makes sure I get the most out of every session.
— Faith

This is THE place to take pilates! Gabrielle is funny, sweet, and super upbeat and motivating. I leave every session invigorated and feel great for the rest of the day. I wake up the next morning with muscles I didn’t know I had!
— Gabe

Love, Love, Love Saran Pilates! Gaby is amazing...the workout is pilates but with an extra dose of awesome sauce! My body responds quickly to these sessions - within a few weeks I can see a real difference. The routines are never boring; every session is different.
— Angela

Saran Pilates has been such a blessing to me mentally and physically. I had a kidney transplant over five years ago and was dealing with a lot of back and core issues. I am now feeling better and seeing progress. Gabrielle is absolutely amazing. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and makes Pilates fun.
— Brittany

My body has worked hard for more than seven decades, but I am more comfortable all day everyday due to Gabrielle’s sessions.
— Mary

Gabrielle is friendly and has great attention to detail and form. She is a wonderful instructor and makes the sessions fun and interesting. I haven’t enjoyed exercise so much in many years.
— Claire