Who can benefit from my sessions?

In short, everyone! My training method uses low-impact techniques and offers a solution to individuals across the spectrum of mobility and fitness. Looking fit is amazing, and my method will get you the results you want, but we’ll go much deeper than that; the benefits associated with Pilates are endless. Check out the benefits page. Here are a few examples of who my method is for:

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The worker or busy bee

Maybe you’re running around all day, or perhaps you’re glued to your desk, in both of these cases the body takes a toll. Working the muscles that need to be strengthened, and stretching the ones that need to be released is crucial to avoid pain and muscular imbalances. 

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The pre and postpartum mom

I’ve trained women all throughout their pregnancies, as well as during the postpartum stage. Staying fit and working on pelvic stability is necessary to help limit back pain, to prep for childbirth, and to facilitate postpartum recovery.

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Working with limitations and injuries

I’ve worked with clients who have had hip and knee replacements, fused vertebrae, arthritis, tendinitis, rotator cuff injuries, and various back issues. The Reformer is an ideal machine to work on when you have limitations, because it allows for different ways to strengthen and release a specific part of the body. 

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The athlete

Want to enhance your athletic performance? Pilates has been proven to help so many professional (and recreational) athletes, from helping to improve a golf swing to protecting the body from injuries that repetitive movements can create. 

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The musician

Similar to the athlete, the musician needs to stay strong and mobile for their craft. I have clients focus on posture and core strength to counteract the effects playing an instrument can have on the body.