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Train Well. Live Well.


Gabrielle Saran, founder of Saran Pilates, is a certified Pilates instructor, and a fitness coach. Her training method focuses on precise and controlled movements that not only help sculpt strong, lean bodies, but that also encourage the release of built up tensions. Gabrielle offers private Reformer training at her studio in Virginia-Highland in Atlanta, GA as well as remote training, seminars, and home workouts.


Private Training

55-minute one-on-one sessions on the Reformer at Gabrielle’s private studio, during which you’ll receive a highly personal workout, made to suit your goals…

Remote Training

Schedule a remote training session via FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp if you’re traveling, tight on time, or don’t live near the studio…

Home Workouts

To make and keep your well-being a priority, work out with Gabrielle on her YouTube channel! All levels included…

Gabrielle also offers fun and beneficial corporate wellness workshops, as well as Pilates classes for special events! Please call or email for more information.



A low-impact workout that leaves you feeling strong and rejuvenated! Gabrielle’s training method uses Pilates exercises on the mat and Reformer to focus on controlled movements with special attention to alignment. Working both mobility and stability…



A lot of times, pain and injuries in the body are caused by an imbalance of some sort. If we are not aligned properly, or have a weakness in one part of the body, another part will overcompensate for it in order to perform a desired movement. It is, therefore, important to correct alignment issues and to reeducate the body to perform correctly…


The Reformer

The perfect piece of equipment for low-impact workouts! The Reformer works with springs and pulleys, which create progressive resistance. The use of straps will strengthen and stretch your muscles at the same time...


Train Well. Live Well. Blog

Gabrielle’s workout tips, Pilates info & news, and lifestyle shares.

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