About Gabrielle Saran


Would I have believed, back in the day, that I would become a Pilates instructor and have my own fitness business? Probably not! Especially because I was the least athletic person anyone knew. Hah! I was actually, firstly, a graphic designer. And although it provided me with invaluable skills like branding, it also gave me neck and back pain from the long hours working at a desk. That pushed me to seek out ways to relieve these tensions. Enter Pilates. I started with Pilates mat and learned the basics of the technique, and later extended my practice to the Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair - all Pilates apparatus. I could really feel and see the benefits of the practice. I loved it so much that I underwent training, and became certified to teach through Balanced Body Education. 

In constant awe of what a smart workout routine can do for the mind and body, I’m now passionately helping others find that connection. I opened a Pilates studio in Los Angeles in 2015 and one in Asheville in 2016. I now have a private studio in Atlanta, where I focus on personalized one-on-one training to encourage maximum results from each client. I also offer remote training for clients who don’t live near me, or are traveling. Seeing the transformation clients undergo in our sessions is so rewarding, but I know how difficult it can be to schedule time to exercise, which is why I also make fitness videos so you can work out with me directly from your home, at any time!


I love witnessing the positive effects my sessions provide for people. Everyone, at some point, tells me, “I wish I had known about this sooner”, to which I reply, “The good part about Pilates is that it’s never too late, and it will still make a world of difference!”.